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  • Presto Capital is prepared to be involved from the initial stages of acquisition, through planning and development, and to assure that the real estate being acquired or developed, is right for the anticipated market conditions, and that a comprehensive marketing strategy is implemented.

  • Our firm provides investment advisory services to individual, corporate and institutional clients locally, regionally and nationally. These services are geared to assist not only the local investor and developer, but also large institutional investors, international investment groups and REITs in strategic acquisitions to their portfolios.

  • Presto Capital performs in-depth analyses of properties on a singular basis or for an entire portfolio to determine the best candidates for retention, restructuring or disposition. Once the disposition process has been determined, Presto Capital can assess value, design and implement a marketing program, negotiate the terms of the sale and execute the transaction through closing.

Presto Capital’s involvement includes:


Presto Capital’s involvement includes:

  • Construction and Development Management

  • Research

  • Property Management

  • Strategic Partnerships